Wellington Point is known for its seaside sight and great fishing spots which provides the high amount of tourists and locals year round. With so much traffic around the area you want to make sure your business is safe from any possible intruders. We offer many security solutions for your growing business, no matter how big or small. For those wanting to totally change up their current security setup we offer ‘Front to Back’, in which we change all the lock and or security devices within your business to one central and secure system. Additionally if your find your business has been broken into we offer ‘Break-in repairs’. If your interested in any of our business grade solutions don’t be afraid to call today and receive a FREE QUOTE!


SMART CHOICE offers many security solutions for your residential property. We provide many different lock types specific to your needs. If you're looking for an entire lock overhaul we can set you up with a ‘Master Key System’ or if you need to keep certain doors very secure you can go for one of our ‘High Security Deadbolts’. Call today to talk to one of our expert Locksmiths part of a team with OVER 15 YEARS combined experience and let’s discuss how we can make your home more secure.

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